Austerlitz NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

According to the town's official website, Austerlitz is a quiet, little town that seems like a nice place to drive through. But if you've received a ticket for speeding or other traffic violation there, the picture of their Town Hall will either strike fear into your heart or allow you to breathe a sigh of relief - [Picture Here]. Regardless of your reaction to their town hall, traffic tickets in Austerlitz are just as serious as anywhere else in New York. Consider hiring an attorney to help you reduce points and protect your driving record and insurance. Attorney Randall Kehoe has been helping clients defend themselves against New York speeding tickets and other traffic violations since 1990. Along with his considerable experience, Mr. Kehoe also offers affordable legal fees including $195 fees for most traffic tickets. Please call or submit an online inquiry to discuss the details of your case with our office. Consultations are free of charge and do not create any further obligation. Our office monitors calls and emails at all hours, 7 days a week. Speak with an Austerlitz traffic lawyer today!

Our office also represents clients charged with DWI in Columbia County. These serious charges must be handled very carefully by experienced counsel. Mr. Kehoe has been handling DWI cases in and around the Greater Capital Area since 1990. To discuss the details of your DWI case, please contact our office to speak with an attorney.

How Much are Ticket Fines in Austerlitz?

We attempt to negotiate a more favorable plea on your behalf, asking the court to agree to charge you with a lower speed, a parking ticket, or some other less expensive and damaging violation. At the end of the case, the court issues a fine which you will be responsible for paying as per the directions of the court. Local courts have power to issue fines for various violations according to rules set by state Vehicle & Traffic law. Usually, the more serious the offense the higher the fine issued (surcharges may also be applicable). To get a better idea of what types of fines to expect for various violations, you can visit our website at: Ny Speeding Ticket Fines where we have posted details of closed cases where we have been hired to represent clients with traffic tickets in New York state.

If you are an attorney or law firm seeking local Of Counsel in the Austerlitz Town Court or other court in Columbia County, NY, please contact us with your request and details of the case(s).